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We are a home based business that specializes in wholesaling and retailing of Islamic swimsuit suitable for Muslim ladies and girls. Our endeavour came about through research findings on the plight of Muslim ladies and girls on the availability of proper attire to enable them getting healthy and active via swimming activities. Our designs are inspired from the Islamic regulation on modesty coupled with careful observation on material and the touch of elegance. Here we are, offering you the opportunity to experience the elegance of modesty!


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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Islamic Swimwear, swimming guideline , etc

My children are active swimmers. Two of them are club swimmers and they have entered local county competition. The younger two however, have yet to be good at swimming. My little ones is only 10 months and obviouly he needs to be accompanied by ummi in order to enjoy the splashy water. I was searching for a suitable swim wear in local shops for almost a year and I cant find the one that suits me as a muslim women. When I found these pieces in my hometown in Malaysia, my first thought is to share this exciting product with fellow muslim .

The first thing I did is to check local swimming guidelines on the appropriateness of the attire. First , I found a report by women sports foundation about "Women and Swimming (2005 -2006)". The report quoted that one of the barrier for women to be involved in swimming is the cultural and religous requirement for swimming attire.Then I was thinking ...Hey, this is the solution, Muslimah swim suit.(the report by WSF is available here

I noted from review of swimming guidelines that swimmers are allowed to wear swim suit made of light material such as lycra and the attire must not obstruct your movement. There is nothing mentioned that the attire has to be in certain shape or designs (long or short) etc....HMMM...sound goood.... for health and safety consideration, the following is an excerpt from ASA swimming guideline for school children:
Swimming Attire
Pupils should wear appropriate costumes for swimming that conform to safety, cultural
and teaching requirements. It is important that swimming clothing is relatively tight fitting
so as to minimise the effect of drag that water logged clothing can create. Sensitivity is
required to ensure:
-The correct balance when cultural demands require looser fitting garments
-The need to be able to see the movements that limbs and joints are making in the water
to ensure appropriate learning
-Children who swim frequently or whose eyes are susceptible to irritation may request to
use goggles for swimming. Parents should be informed of their responsibility to teach
their child to put on and take off goggles in the correct and safe fashion

(source:,8202,5026-49221-117262-0-file,00.pdf )

Later, a good news spread around the world about the burqini that has gained acceptance as a swimming attire for life guard in Australia.Check out the links:

and here I am sharing these beautiful attires with all of you.


You can now buy the islamic swim suit online by visiting the following link:

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Kids swim wear

The swimsuit for kids comes in 4 sizes . The suit is one piece top and bottom with zipper at the front. Swimming cap is included.

Size and Measurement

size s
shoulder width 48cm, chest width 58cm - recommended for age 3-4
size M
shoulder width 54cm, chest width 64cm - recommended for age 4-5
size L
shoulder width 58cm, chest width 78cm - recommended for age 6-8
size XL
shoulder width 60cm, chest width 72cm - recommeded for age above 8

Available in pink and polka dot (peach and brown)

contact: or 07957331392

Teen swimwear

Available in size S, M, L, XL and there are 4 designs to choose from

1) 3 pieces suits in plain black and green colours ,black and blue or purple . It comprise of zipper top, legging and long cap that cover the neck
2) Full Body jumper with top and long cap ( 3 pieces)

1) age 13-14
2) age 15- 16

contact or 07786323813